Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you, Rep. West...

It's a relief to see members of Congress abandon the false collegiality and mealy-mouthedness of recent decades and express an honest, unvarnished, opinion.

Thank you for your frankness.

Simply because one is a woman, a person of color, LGBT, aged, youthful, or does not mean one is beyond public and pointed criticism.

We may or may not agree that Wasserman-Schultz is vile, despicable, and unladlylike. He is most certainly right in pointing out the lack of courage in Wasserman-Schultz's passive-aggressive attempts to smear him - his demand that she either call him out or STFU is not unreasonable.

From the limited data I've seen thus far (after all, we've all seen that there's not a media source out there that's not slanted one way or another), I'd tend to believe odds are good West has it right on two out of three counts. But then I tend to score rather harshly on whininess.

Nevertheless, I find Rep. Allen West's e-mail a welcome relief from the smarmy political correctness of modern political speech. Perhaps that can be a new GOP value - plain speaking.

(Granted, I strongly support Rep. West's hiring a decent copy editor...but, unlike much of the tripe emanating from the elected, his meaning was anything but veiled.)

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Old NFO said...

Yep, told the truth, NO pcism in THAT email!!! :-)