Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AD & His Admirers

You know, sometimes you call someone out as a knuckle-dragging jack-ass in a public space and despite the callouses on their knuckles and their obviously unusual equine ancestry, and they get all bent out of shape.

And, if you were raised in some traditions, you may even come to the conclusion that even if someone *does* have the skills of a brain-damaged duck, it's unkind to point it out in public.

To your surprise, they are minimally competent in multi-syllabic conversation - at least enough so to make threats of physical and legal mayhem. And that's about the time the funny ends.

Seems AD posted a properly anonymized blurb about a co-worker. No reasonable person would've been able to identify this dickwad from data provided without an exercise in creative proctology involving the use of electron microscopes.

From what I understand this mouth-breathing troglodyte got so unhinged that he/she/it not only threatened legal action, but to pop over to AD's (seems he knows where AD lives) and beat the snot out of AD. As a bonus, this fucking dumbass did so via text, voicemail, and private Facebook message.

This kind of takes the care for distilled cretin-grade stupidity. Essentially he's just nominated himself as AD's personal bodyguard for the rest of either of their natural days - because if *anything* unfortunate happens to AD, he's now number one on the suspect hit parade with the local po-po - even should this rockhead be thoroughly alibied, the "hire it done" thing leaves this dipshit under suspicion.

AD was raised in one tradition. I'm from another. This ding-a-ling has made, on the record, what I understand to be a number of viable and criminally actionable threats to AD. I'd suggest the dork get about the project of begging for mercy and claiming temporary insanity (stupidity isn't much of a defense, and is more likely permanent)...because the moment AD turns those communications over to the local po-po, things are gonna get exciting for our ninny du jour as he meets his new roomie Bubba the Festive at the county lock-up.

DRAT. Google Cache betrayed me. If anyone has a screen cap of the original blog post, feel free to post it in comments. BAD GOOGLE!



Anonymous said...

So that is the story behind the post that made my RSS feed but disappeared from the blog and caused me to divide a number by 365.

Ambulance Driver said...

LOL, that's the one... with four leap years thrown in.