Sunday, April 20, 2008

So how's that Victim Disarmament thing working out for you?

It seems that Chicago is having one of those weekends one only sees in towns with vicious anti-gun policies that ensure that potential victims of predators (two-legged and otherwise) are as helpless and vulnerable as it is humanly possible to make them.

Thirty-two shot, six stabbed, and two dead (and counting) this weekend. And it's still early afternoon on Sunday. How's that whole gun control thing doing? The Violence Prevention Center and the Brady gun control types rushing to your city to fling themselves between harm and potential victims?

Not so much?

All those bad naughty people proudly displaying their Firearms Owner Identification Card, their gun registration and such before rushing out to do their bad naughtiness? What? You tell me that *gasp* criminals *shocker* don't obey the law?

Chicago gun laws bar any concealed carry by private citizens, require registration of all firearms, require possession of a Firearms Owner ID prior to the purchase of firearms or ammunition, and stop just short of requiring gun owners to have "Bad Gun Owning Troglodyte" tattooed on their foreheads. At least, so far.

And for this, the citizenry of that fine city gets mayhem in the streets and in their homes and the privilege of being warm fuzzy liberals. Perhaps not the best of deals...

Could it, just perhaps, be that the citizens of the Chicago and the State of Illinois would benefit far more from laws that enhance the risk to violent criminals, actual law enforcement focus on violent crime rather than harassing citizens interested in self-defense, and taking note of some of Professor Lott's more intriguing studies illustrated by this interview from the University of Chicago?

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