Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Romantic Prospects...

At a certain points, the odds diminish to the absurd and a certain resignation becomes prudent. It's a hint when the eye-catching are all batshit crazy, interested in whatever gender you're not, involved, or attached to sufficient drama that frantic flight is the most prudent response.

It's another hint if the ones that are interested are either batshit crazy, 20 years older, of the gender that doesn't interest YOU, or attached to frightening amounts of drama.

You're either fishing in the wrong pond, or that pond is done fished out. Better to spend your time on the range or with a good book at that point. Less potential for harm, and with the batshit crazy ones you're safer standing at the busy end of the range than dating them - at least it'll be quicker than the death of a thousand insanities.

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