Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mens' Wearhouse

I like the Keltec P32 I bought years ago. I like the hip pocket holster that I had a friend build to carry it - while it will never be the fastest draw on the block, what it loses in speed, it makes up in subtlety.

But it requires a certain...depth of pocket and forgiving cut to conceal effectively.

This is my second time down at Men's Wearhouse, where I ran into understanding sales staff and a tailor willing things along in the arena of discrete carry.

Moderately priced clothes, nice fit, and a *very* helpful and understanding staff. As I rebuild the ruins of my wardrobe, I'm thinking I'll be visiting there regularly - and at Nordstroms, of course.

Only thing that could be better would be an menswear shop that included firearms and accessories as simply a part of the line of inventory required to supply the well-educated gentleman.

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Helena said...

Wow! I'd love a made-to-measure outfit where a clever and discreet pocket lay for my purse, instead of the hubby homing in on any 'lumps' about my body when I try to tell him I've 'forgotten' to bring my purse along!