Sunday, October 14, 2007

A fairly modest proposal

I don't have the time, and I certainly don't have the server resources to take the hits such a page would generate, but I am hoping that in the next day or so some semi-talented sort will take the necessary steps to put up a website listing the manufacturers, re-sellers, and local dealers that do business with governmental entities or their employees in the State of California - from the big buyers in Sacramento to the Banning Police Department - so that we, as private buyers and enthusiasts, can refrain from doing business with these firms until such time as they repudiate any existing contracts and agree to refuse new business from political bodies in California or their employees.

"Or their employees": California, and many other jurisdictions, have created a two-tier system by which "special people" (judges, prosecutors, elected officials, police officers, etc) get to enjoy a whole range of rights and privileges not enjoyed by the peons - rights and privileges that tend to shield them from the bad effects of poorly thought out law. It is my intent in this suggestion that this demographic should again have something stronger than their internal moral compass to inspire their actions in this matter - say, a shortage of firearms and ammunition.

I'll write more later, but the above is my initial response...

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