Saturday, May 26, 2007

Grr. Some gay men peeve me....

And Youth and Idealism, particularly in an anti-war gay community context, are particularly peeving. I ran across this on, a chat site this afternoon... tag line...

"Happy Honor the killers of innocents weekend! Remember to thank a soldier for slaughtering innocent victims for you!"

The kid is 20 years old, but this kind of thing is worthy of comment - as being simply unacceptable. You don't like the war? Slam on Bush/Cheney/Congressional ninnies - not our boys and girls in the field.

It didn't cheer me any further when he went on at some length about how our war dead "deserved it" as did any surviving military who had the temerity to kill in the performance of their duty.

Comment directly to the little creep might be worthwhile. Comment to regarding this generally offensive twit might be more effective, as they are presently a bit sensitive to controversy, IMHO.

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Leonie said...

People should read this.