Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pink Pistols & Ad Hominem Fun

From: Ray Hill
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 08:14:14 AM
Subject: [LSA] Was Cho Gay?

here is no way to tell for sure if Cho was a Pink Pistol. They have a don't tell, don't ask policy about membership but he has several things in common with the other members of the group. He also looks like a guy I dated recently but since I only date married guys, I, too have a don't tell, don't tell policy. Some things are to remain a mystery, I guess.

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From: Brandon Wolf
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 12:44:32 AM
Subject: [LSA] Was Cho Gay?

Okay, I know it’s The Globe, but it’s a long article, and they quote a number of different people, naming their sources. According to their theory, Cho went on his killing rampage because of his intensely repressed homosexuality.

Different witnesses place him at two Roanoke gay bars in the past year, on several occasions. The weekend before the killings, Cho made a reservation at a motel, even though it was just 26 miles from the campus, but it was near one of the gay bars. The theory is that he planned to meet a man there, but was stood up, or rejected when the man arrived.

I haven’t seen any news like this anywhere else. Has anyone else??

Goodness. My breath is simply taken away at the correspondents, umm, chutzpah in tarring an entire group of folks with the taint of a mass murderer. Quite amazing, really. Particularly from a senior leader in a community (the Houston LGBT Community) with diversity and non-discrimination (you know, that silly thing about taking folks as individuals and not tarring them with a broad brush?) as loudly announced core values.

Oh - that's right. LGBT Gun owners aren't a designated pitiable group, so it's ok for senior members of the LGBT Community to slander them in vile ad hominem attacks that would result in crowds with torches and pitchforks (a la Transylvania) turning up on the offenders doorstep if the assaulted *were* members of officially designated victim groups.

Never mind. I should have recalled consistency and honor were a bit much to expect.

I was invited to join the LoneStar's predecessor Houston Activist Net some years ago by Dan Weiner, a then-leading luminary of the Houston LGBT Community who had played a key role in founding Q Patrol (an LGBT Guardian Angels sort of group) and the Houston Area Pink Pistols - he'd put out an appeal for like-minded souls to join since he was feeling a bit out-numbered in terms of viewpoint. Dan has since passed away, but I and a few others from that era remain involved with HAN's successor, the LoneStarActivists list.

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Diamond Mair said...

Does it matter whether or not he was gay? Seems to me that that's just being used as another 'hook' for various reactionaries {whether they be the Westboro-style bigots, or the radicals of the gay rights movement} - bottom line is, he was an individual who chose to commit the abominations he did ...................
Semper Fi'