Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm angry...

I am angered that someone would take a fundamental human right, and some of the more useful tools therefore, and pervert them to inflict suffering and death on the innocent.

I am angered that, predictably, those who would limit the rights of others practice "waving the bloody shirt" as a tactic.

I am angered that 33+ lives are snuffed out and 50+ lives affected in some physical way in the service of political correctness.

I am angered that victims of a madman were deprived of the legitimate means of self-defense.

I am angered that the majority of a generation has been raised believing "all violence is bad", "the best survival strategy is to give an aggressor what they want and follow directions", and "confronting evil is futile" - and that a generation of youth are largely deprived of the mindset necessary for self-defense.

I am honored at the heroic self-sacrifice of 76yo Prof. Liviu Librescu, blocking the door against the gunman with his body while exhorting students to flee and by the similar efforts of Zach Petkewicz, a senior, and Derek O'Dell, a 20-year-old sophomore.

Perhaps there is hope. We are not completely bereft of heroes.

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