Monday, February 26, 2007

PC annoyances

I'm getting involved with the community again, more out of a sense of obligation and duty than anything, and hope to make it out sane and in one piece as of July in all likelihood, despite my best attempts to keep the LGBT content somewhat in balance, I apologize in advance for what I expect to be a temporary elevation in said content as I vent.

I really don't like Political Correctness. I like even less the notion of Affirmative Action, particularly when dealing with stuff at high speed in a crisis sort of mode.

One of the BiggerCity types has already been commenting to me at some length about the necessity of this "one time only" efforts setting a good example and having male & female co-chairs and reserved seats for women and persons of color.

I'm sorry...I'm not really friendly to that notion under any circumstances, but when there's an event for 100k people to be built out in 90 days or less - all I really care about are warm, breathing, competent, and friendly to the cause. And I'm willing to negotiate about degree in the case of the last two.

We're potentially staring a hostile/angry city government in the face, a freaked out community, and starting from scratch with emergency services liaison work (being on the same page is a GOOD thing), not to mention about thirty-dozen other things - and you want us to complicate things by splitting the chairmanship or telling volunteers they are the wrong color or gender?

Even in the best of circumstances...if, as I believe, women and persons of color are every bit as bright, competent, inspired, and talented as those who are *not* women or persons of color - the "honey, I recognize you just can't quite cut it, so let me give you some slack"of affirmative action and reserved positions strikes me as both incredibly insulting and condescending..and that's when I'm being generous in my analysis.

**done with rant**

Thank you for your time, this is been a periodic rant.

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