Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guilt by Association

For some time now, the vast majority of "mass shooters" have been some variant on "progressive Democrat", and for the most part tetched in some fashion.

Does that mean we should round up Democrats folks of a given political/religious/philosophical bent and keep them in camps for the safety of the general public? Or that we should preemptively incarcerate all mentally ill persons?

Of course not - but this is what our anti-gun opponents would wish on lawful gun-owners: collective punishment for the misdeeds of the few.

Doesn't a tiny part of you whisper "What's good for the goose?"

[Alright. Since I wrote this post based on recollections of some articles from a few months back, it appears that the underlying assumption (or at least the provability thereof) that mass shooters skew (D) has been debunked pending further data. Mea Culpa. The fundamental theme, however, that individual bad acts are, in fact, individual and it is wrong to engage in collective punishment or tar an entire demographic with the actions of a few sick or evil persons remains. So there.]

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