Friday, May 23, 2014

Closing the barn door after....

Much as I'm tempted, I shan't open with an obscenity laden rant. Neither shall I book a flight to Texas, having successfully sought the Governors pardon in advance for acts involving the liberal use of a taser or tasers upon the hard of thinking.

That said, I must address the maroons who thought it a grand idea to open carry long arms into WA Legislative hearings, Chipotle, Starbucks, Jack-in-The-Box and some rinky-dink chain called "Smash-Burger."

What were you *thinking?*

You didn't de-sensitize, you frightened. You lost ground for the entire gun owning community with your melodramatic antics. You have yet to apologize for the new Gun Free Zones you have very nearly single-handedly served up to Watts and her cronies or even acknowledge responsibility for your reckless idiocy.

You failed to *think.*

Sean over at PAGunBlog notes that Shannon Watts of MAIG/MDA infamy is now pursuing Sonic and Chili's in an attempt to drive them into acts of anti-gun bigotry, barring all carry of all firearms from their properties. He takes a somewhat more generous view than I, holding that your recent weasel-worded and responsibility-evading "change of policy" is sufficient to shield you from further criticism.

That is, without any doubt, gracious of Sean. I believe such graciousness is at best somewhat premature in light of:

The Chipotle issue has nothing to do with us and Open Carry Texas members and everything to do with a national gun control organization harassing and bullying corporations into submission. We have been welcomed into every restaurant we enter by employees and customers. Yet, gun control bullies that don't even live in our state troll our Facebook pages looking for their next target. - Open Carry Texas, Facebook 5/20/14
How'd that Chipotle, Jack In The Box and those "victories" and "welcomes" secured by you and your fellow travelers work out?

You might gather from my comments that I am unamused. You would be correct - I tire of defending the practice of Open Carry to other experienced activists who would tar the entire concept of Open Carry with the actions of a few self-righteous and vastly counterproductive nimrods. I grow wear of losing neutral spaces to the anti's because of the purer-than-thou rantings of the shortsighted. 

Your "policy change" is but a weak-hearted start that I suspect only took place reluctantly - after days of being roasted by the *effective* portion of the pro-gun community, and still failed to apologize for what you've cost us.

Yes, I'm annoyed. But I'm keeping my eye on the main target - defeating Bloomberg and his minion Watts and their MAIG/MDA strategy of bigotry, fear and discrimination aimed at gun owners lawfully carrying in public spaces. 



Well Seasoned Fool said...

It is hey, hey, look at me! You will pay attention to me.

They need to find some other outrageous public behavior to bring attention to themselves.

NotClauswitz said...

What a bunch of dumbass dicks.