Monday, July 29, 2013

Gun Blogger Rendezvous Coming Up?

Do you write a blog? Read a blog?
Enjoy Shooting? Like things that go BOOM!? 

This is the event for you.

Gun Blogger Rendezvous fires up again in Reno, NV for the 8th Annual Grand Adventure Soldiers Angles Fund-raiser based out of the Silver Legacy Hotel and various range venues running from September 4th to September 8th, 2013!!

Beginning with a festive early bird dinner at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday night (September 4th) at the El Dorado Buffet Restaurant, GBR kicks off into four and a half days of fun, fellowship and firearms as gunbloggers, readers and their fan-boi's fan-gals gather to celebrate together, network, learn a thing or two about whats going on around the gun community, shoot, and play with the MIGHTY BOWLING BALL MORTAR generously provided by the fun folks at

Thursday morning we'll all meet (yes, I'll be there!) at the GBR Hospitality Room at the Silver Legacy, have a quick sip of coffee and wander down to one of the restaurants for breakfast before leaving at 1:15 p.m for a Cabela's run and guided tour for purchases of anything we forgot and the annual Cabela's Fudge'n'Ammo buy. On the way back to the Silver Legacy we'll stop someplace and buy snacks and drinks for the range trips and at 6:00 pm meet up at the GBR Hospitality room and head out for an amazing dinner followed by ruminating (and gossiping) deep into the night back at the hospitality room - bring your own food and beverage!

Things really get going on Friday with a breakfast in the GBR Hospitality room sponsored by the NRA. A NRA representative will be speaking to us over breakfast and after breakfast we'll be leaving for the Washoe County Shooting Facility followed by a show and tell session back at the GBR Hospitality room - take a look at what fellow GBR attendees have brought! 

Dinner on Friday is provided courtesy of Attorney and Author Bryan Ciyou and at Dos Gecko’s Mexican Restaurant.

Later in the evening Bryan Ciyou of, a speaker from the Second Amendment Foundation and a variety of other folks from industry and the shooting sports will share insights on legal and societal issues affecting Second Amendment Rights - followed by an innovative new shooting competition in the GBR Hospitality Room featuring the Optical Computer Aided Training Simulator from Outwest systems - with one lucky winner taking home an OCATS system of their very own.

Our friends at begin the day on Saturday by sponsoring breakfast in the GBR Hospitality room before we all return to the Washoe County Shooting Facility where courtesy of  the Western Nevada Pistol Action League and the Pyramid range GBR folks will get an introduction (or refresher!) to Steel Challenge Action Pistol Shooting, live fire use of the OCATS system and more.

Bring lunch and beverages. Plenty of beverages. It gets toasty out there on the range in Nevada.

If last year is any indication, we should be back from the range around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. with time to catch our breath before a presentation in the GBR Hospitality room by the folks from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the pizza dinner they generously host. An opportunity to hear their viewpoint, get fed, ask questions and segue into the Fund Raiser Raffle for Project Valour-IT and the drawings for door prizes, followed by another evening of networking and discussion (bring your own food and beverages, again).

Sunday has some changes this year. We'll still be doing the 8:00 am meet'n'find breakfast bit, but when we finish eating we'll be heading back out to the range where we'll get, for the first time, to play with the Black Powder Bowling Ball Mortar brought by our friends at (among other amazing surprises).

Events are still being added and and news is popping up all the time. With limited space, now is the time to register - contact organizer Mike Galleon at for details, or register using the printable form!

Look - I was lucky enough to go Gun Blogger Rendezvous last year and it was a blast - but that was only the icing. That I had a lot of fun was great, but what really mattered was the friendships I was fortunate enough to make and the relationships I was able to build. Today I can call people I met there and get their views (and sometimes their help) and if I'm in the right towns - have someone that I can either hang out with and talk guns, go shooting with, or just get the inside skinny on where to get good barbecue.

That GBR supports a project like Soldiers Angels Project Valor-IT only makes it more amazing. If there is any way you can break away from daily life and make it to this event, I'd urge you to do so. You'll likely never learn more, laugh more or enjoy more over the course of a single weekend. That you get to talk with some of the leading gun bloggers, industry figures and activists is a yet another bonus.

Be there. Tell them I told you to...

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