Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, there is a place for "Bar Carry"

One problem liberals, such as those at the barbecue I just attended have in discussing "what should be gun laws" is that they simply don't know what existing gun laws that are on the books and as a result, don't know what the real world effects of those laws are or aren't.

The conversation began with a very distressed liberal gentleman going on about a rather distasteful sort pistol-whipping a couple of folks after "all of the above" had left a bar, and a couple of random shots discharged in the process - and then leaping to "there's no justification for guns in bars". Really?

Generally, pistol-whipping folks and random gun fire in an urban area are both activities to be frowned upon with great firmness. And, the gentlemen related, the Seattle police performed such grimaces with alacrity - however, he then launched into the diatribe about how folks who own guns should leave them in car s or at home, that there was no reason for carrying them into bars - ever.

The most dangerous part of a LGBT persons night is frequently between "bar and car." want me to leave a gun unguarded in a car in a neighborhood known for car prowls? Or leave it at home? Or just hope for the best walking from bar to car in a neighborhood where a couple of guys just got pistol-whipped? And you expect me to go cheerily along with this?

At a minimum, I will support efforts to repeal the WA Bar Carry ban as both ineffective and actively counterproductive. Twenty states (or more) allow bar carry with neither the world ending, blood flowing in the streets, nor a noticeably higher amount of violence per capita in the bar visiting crowd. Nearby Oregon has had bar carry since dirt was invented, and bar carry was legal in Washington until 1984 (and may one day be lawful again). The notion is far from revolutionary and in some states (Virginia) legalization of the carry of firearms in bars by CCW/CPL holders has been shown to actually *lower* violence in bars.

So no, I don't have a problem with carry of firearms in bars by CPL holders until you can actually show me a substantial risk of harm based on prior evidence objectively accumulated in the 20+ states that allow individuals to make responsible self defense choices.

I do have a problem with those who would abandon reason and place LGBT folks (or folks generally, really) at greater risk of bashing by legislatively depriving them of legitimate means of self-defense as a sacrifice to a false assumption.


Old NFO said...

Good points GC, and it's ALWAYS defaulting to blood in the streets and PSH if we carry... sigh

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

There's a reason I don't go to the only gay club in the region (aside from being a total introvert and not really a "club" person to begin with). It's already not in the best neighborhood, and then they add insult to injury by not only barring all "weapons", but by actually wanding everybody at the door.

The fact that it's a 45 minute drive both ways is just the final straw.

Peter said...

Hey, GC, check your e-mail.