Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL to Fondle Fans

It looks like the NFL has ordered all clubs to subject fans to a frisking every bit as gentle those of the vagina probing TSA band of thugs and perverts - nuking the fans shouldn't be far down the road.

Not being struck down by football madness myself, it doesn't affect me beyond it being yet another "safety nazi" measure chipping away at civilization - I can simply continue my years long tradition of neither attending nor watching NFL events.

I would point out, though, that major league sports events have been considered significant and vulnerable targets for both "traditional" and NBC terrorist strikes since 2001 and not without justification. Particularly with this new NFL initiative, where else are you going to find 50,000+ unarmed and unarmored targets in a single place with minimal security?

Perhaps it's time on general principles to avoid such ill-advised events - not just because the organizers insist on enforcing helplessness amongst their patrons, but because it's just bad strategy to be at one of the more likely ground zero's for the next major terrorist act on American soil.


Anonymous said...

I second that.
I would like to know how the TSA has affected air travel. Are fewer people flying because of the economy or the TSA. Last year the local news coverage around holiday travel was curious, I noticed a lack of the large crowds of travelers as in years past. I did note when interviewing travelers it looked like an attempt was made to cluster a small nuber of people to make it look like a larger crowd was there.

Old NFO said...

Meh... I wasn't planning to go to any Deadskins games except when Dallas came to town, but that's out now... I'll just sit home and save myself a couple of hundred dollars.