Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama, Yo Mamma....

There are villains and evil in the world. While the demise of a villain is unlikely to end all evil everywhere, it reasonably assures that particular villain will cease further nefarious activity.

If they have proven particularly *good* at large-scale nefariousness, it is only natural to be pleased at their removal from the scene - particularly and especially if you are a member (or believe yourself so) of a group the recently deceased went out of their way to target. It is part of having a survival instinct to be pleased when hostiles become a non-threat.

Bin Laden, at least, is notably less threatening at room temperature.

Given his success at getting Americans dead, I take joy in his departure as an American, and devoutly hope his inevitable successors are blithering incompetents that wear blaze orange t-shirts decorated with bulls-eyes.

My only concern or regret is the possibility of backlash, an upsurge in attempted mass murder by this particular villains degenerate co-conspirators.

And should, one merry day, a blazing meteorite strike from the heavens wiping out the entire Westboro/Phelps cult...I shall celebrate that with equal vigor. And for much the same reasons.

In the meantime, can we repeal the #$%^#$%^ Patriot Act now??

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