Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tunnel Follies - Earthquakes, Sea-levels, and famously unstable geology!

The Seattle Liberal Elite has, for some time, been hell-bent on getting rid of the Alaskan Way Viaduct ("it's ugly" is the actual reason, but "it's unsafe in a quake" is the official reason).

Faced with a decision of tunnel (in a city with unstable geology made from wash, fill of unusual nature, and a *very active* water table), a surface option (of questionable feasability - closing a highway carrying 110,000 trips per day means those trips need to go someplace..likely generating surface street gridlock, given already crowded conditions and pushing many trips over to 405 on the East side of Lake Washington - another over-burdened highway), or either repairing the existing viaduct (or under the Chopp plan, building a shiny new one to modern code) - state and city leaders carefully chose the most expensive approach with the least amount of carrying capacity and surface street access.

Unfortunately, it seems they broke the law and in the mad rush to try and suppress a citizen referendum to overturn their decision....this is now rising to the surface.


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Old NFO said...

Just like I tell Jay G, LEAVE and join us in the United States... :-)