Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WAC Update...

Just to catch late joiners up. If you're here from JayG or Breda (THANKS GUYS!!) , this will make more sense if you read the post immediately prior before reading this.

Both my complaint and Boyd Kneelands have been relegated to the Election Committee, with mine specifically denied by the party I named. I'm not overly optimistic that anything resembling justice or fairness will result, but take some comfort from the fact I've done what I can in this instance.

Regrettably, as a result of festivities, Washington Arms Collectors is now without a webmaster - something about being unwilling to get caught in an abusive tug-of-war between board factions.

A third complaint, from Joe Waldron of GOAL-WA, has yet to be heard. I anticipate other complaints to come steaming in from other aggrieved parties. We'll see how it all boils out.

I remain deeply concerned about the viability of an organization vital to the Gun-Rights community in the State of Washington with this level of factionalism, dysfunction, and ignorance.

While the last may be curable if one can find a teacher the proposed students are capable of listening to, the first two are usually permanent afflictions until an organization plays a quick game of flush the office holders.


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Old NFO said...

Recall votes DO work!

WV- Unlect Yep, you need to unlect them :-)