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A worthy Bleg

I rarely re-post, and pass this along only due to its' relevancy to core Pink Pistols interests. For those not familiar, FAS is Firearms Academy of Seattle ( ), owned and operated by Marty and Gila Hayes (in passing, I am informed that Massad Ayoob teaches there from time to time).

As an organization, I've heard nothing but good things of them, and am more than prepared to take them at their word. I am not aware of any formal FAS-PinkPistols interactions, but I am aware that FAS runs a very successful womens program of the sort that if I were able to move my eighty year old mother past her hoplophobia, I'd be sending her to class with Gila & Marty.


Dear FAS students, friends and staff.

Imagine being jumped by three individuals, knocked to the ground and being stomped on, with your only recourse being to draw your gun and shoot. Seems reasonable, right? Well, a firearms trainer from Arizona is sitting in jail right now for doing this exact thing, and he needs some help.

First off, he is affiliated with the school Tactical Response, a school run by a trainer named James Yeager. I know James personally, and think he is a pretty good guy, and is teaching good material to good folks. It is one of his adjunct staff guys who was in this situation last week, and he is now being held on $100,000 bond, and is being forced to use a public defender until he can raise money for a real lawyer. Tactical Response is coordinating a fundraiser, and FAS has donated $1000 in classes towards this fund raiser, and I wanted to ask everyone reading this, to consider participating in this fund raiser, even if it is just a $20 bill.

If Tactical Response is anything like FAS, Mr. HIckey likely donates his time to help teach people how to save themselves from criminal attack. We are blessed here at FAS with many like minded staff, and I would like to think that if one of them were in this trouble, we would be doing the same thing for him or her.

They are holding a raffle Dec. 12 for some really cool gun stuff, (including a couple of guns). The list and how to get involved is pasted below. Please, as a favor to one of our own, send this guy a few bucks so he can get good counsel and get the heck out of jail so he can get back to work and support his family. Thank-you for caring.


P.S. Can someone forward this to the Insights list? This is a cause the whole industry, and all of us gun carrying good guys need to be helping out with. See below for the raffle details and how to buy chances.


You may purchase your raffle chances at the following PayPal address.>


You may send payments to the following address.

Larry Hickey Defense Fund
1061 Asbury Rd.
Camden TN 38320

Make funds payable to: Tracy Hightower.

Funds must be received before Friday December 12th as the drawings will be held Friday December 12th at 11:00am

Raffle chances are $5.00 each. If you wish to purchase more than one chance then send more money. Example: If you wish to purchase 10 chances then send $50.00 and your name will be entered 10 times in each drawing.

Each item will be drawn for separately and your name will be in each drawing. If you buy one chance, your name will be entered one time for each drawing. If you buy 10 chances your name will be entered 10 times for each drawing.

When we begin to draw for items we will post what item we are drawing for and we will draw a name and post the winner. No tickets or numbers will be sent out as there is not time for this. We are all men and women of honor doing this for an honorable cause. Everyone will have an equal chance at winning.

If you donate an item, you may also participate in the drawings. It is not fair to exclude those who have donated items from a chance to win. It will just suck if you win your own item.


When you send your PayPal Payment in the subject line put the words "Larry Hickey Fundraiser". Nothing else!

In the message box, put your name and phone number. Nothing else!

DO NOT put the words "raffle", "drawing" or I want 10 chances or anything that refers to a raffle. Do not make any reference to this thread or the other raffle thread. There is nothing illegal about a raffle here it just that PayPal has a problem with raffles.


Time extended by request.

Enjoy, good luck and thank you all for your generous donations to a good cause.

1) Kimber Custom CDP II 45acp. Like New. Includes: Original case and paperwork, 2 mags, Galco Fletch Holster

2) Tactical Response Training Donation: a $1000.00 training certificate

3) Gift certificate good for a Fighting Rifle class at the Camden location

4) Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies SWAT model 11-87 NFA 14" shotgun. Details can be found here Auction # 116559560

5) AKLB AK-74 Lightning Bolt Serial #0007

6) SOE "Breacher's" vest: This is a one-of-a-kind shotgunner's vest made by John Willis

7) SOE CQB subload for rifle mags in tan. No damage. Just a little broke in.

8) S.O. Tech Go bag, black in color. New Unused

9) New SORD Australia MFF (military Free Fall) rig small chest type harness. No pouches

10) Shihan chest rig, coyote, brand new

11) MSR Blacklight "Gourmet" cookset

12) $30 Starbucks Gift Card

13) Custom Tactical Tailor patrol vest (It's a modded version of this vest in tan)

14) Custom TT fold out "IFAK" in Multicam

15) AT&T BlackJack 1 phone basically NIB with all the parts and accessories.

16) 500.00 certificate for Rifle Dynamics services of your choice.

17) Taurus 24/7 45 ACP OSST DESERT TAN GRIP shipped to the winners FFL

18) $75.00 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card

19) Cavalry Arms' last lower and a set of matching hand guards (red color). "If someone sends a upper (we're completely out) we can make it into a complete gun"

20) brand new 34"? Blackhawk CQC Pistol Belt in the carbon fiber finish,794,61.htm

21) (10) AK47 mags

22) 5 sets of Glock Big Dot sights. GL-001S-5

23) VCAS sling

24) CONTRACTOR RX-PRESCRIPTION PHARMACEUTICAL KIT LEVEL 1' with full personal training, , letter of prescription, position and transit, pocket guide, etc

25) $3295.00 TRAINING CERTIFICATE towards the tuition portion of any class taught in Belize, Central America by GMRS in 2009 or 2010

26) 1000 rounds .308 ammo. Factory milsurp

27) OSOE Tear OFF IFAK Black very barely used

28) Brand New CRKT M16-10KZ folder

29) Brand new Pro-Mag AR-15 Frontsight rail mount system

30) Brand New 5.11 Dress belt 1.5 inch with stiffner size Large

31) 3 hours of tattooing (about $250.00 worth). In south Denver, CO.

32) Rusch ViewMax Adult laryngoscope fiber optic blade on a new ADC battery handle

33) Filipino Martial Arts training Colfax, CA

34) Snugpak Jungle Bag

35) Dogtra Remote collar and the training to go with it. If in driving distance of Long Island, NY. If not we have a video based training program. Dogtra collar model will depend on dogs needs.

36) Handmade ACU purse, the winner can choose the color of lining.

37) two slots to our upcoming two day Combatives Workshop (December 13 - 14)

38) Swarovski and Gold/Bronze iPod Classic Jewelry Case from Gilty Couture (80/120GB model)

39) 3 Talon Tactical pocket holsters your choice of J-frame or KelTec 380 from talon tactical holsters

40) Timberline Tactical LCP (LNIB)

41) Fighting Rifle DVDs

42) HSGI Molle OD green sub panel as new.

43) Eagle subload in black holds 2 ar mags as new

44) romy G kit Good shape dated 1986

45) 300 rounds Federal HST .40 S&W 180gr shipped

46) 5 VOK/GSW video packages. (2 VOKs& the Tactical Response Gunshot Wound Basics DVD)

47) Two $500 training certificates from The Firearms Academy of Seattle


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