Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA - the gift that keeps on giving...

In what amounts to mostly a linky-no-thinky post, we have the latest crop of assorted TSA jack-assery, assaults, humiliations, and general misbehavior.

The good news is that the "united front" of the Obama Administration re TSA seems to be fracturing a bit with these comments from no less than Hillary Clinton. (Update) It seems that the front line staff at the TSA aren't *enjoying* the reception they are getting...keep it legal, but turn up the volume, folks.

However, with record lines already at O'Hare, even Matt Drudge is raising questions about TSA workers engaging in work slowdowns as petty vengeance against the public. Intrusive patdowns (aka Gate Rape) continue from O'Hare to SeaTac - and 68yo bladder cancer survivors left in tears and covered in their own urine.

And then we have the TSA insisting a passenger put more clothes on so that they can properly search him. And arresting folks for filming the idiocy. Apparently the theme song starts "YOU WILL SUBMIT", and concludes "YOU WILL NOT SHOW US BEING *REALLY, REALLY* STUPID."

Shut down the punitive, petty, farce - implement real security, not theater, and respect folks civil rights specifically, and folks generally barring probable cause of wrongdoing.

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