Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quotable Quotes

"I had to fly on something like 8 trips last year. I'm flying at least twice in 2011. (DragonCon Atlanta, StellerCon North Carolina). I kind of have to fly if I want to do the book tours.

I think I'm going to wear a kilt, not wear any underwear, and liberally apply Vasaline to my genitals. (maybe paint a happy face or something, I'll get creative) When we get to the pat down I'm going to act all excited and tell them that this is my favorite part and that I usually have to pay extra for this level of service."

- Larry Correia (Author, Accountant, Firearms Guru, Superhero), We The Armed, 11/16/2010

I'm not seeing this as, umm, an indicator that folks are growing *less* annoyed.

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