Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Latest TSA news...

Well, the hits just keep on coming....

From TSA grunts picking women for the Porn Scan based on their breast size, to rumors of strategic shutdowns of the PornScans and suspension of the Gate Rape process in an effort to defeat the National Opt Out Day protest.

The mainstream media is finally noticing the extra-special treatment that the TSA gives to the medically challenged and prosthetic users.

Meanwhile, the ever-regrettable Homeland Security Secretary gleefully announced on Tuesday that we could soon be seeing similarly invasive and unconstitutional measures (swiftly evolving into random fishing expeditions) inflicted on users of U.S. public transportation, trains and boats.

But what can we expect from an agency that recruits it's staff using pizza boxes for advertising?

And a question worth considering? Those gloves the TSA grunts wear for screening? How often do they change those after fondling various folks genitalia and dank private bits where various critters and diseases live?

Yeast infections
? Herpes? Lice? MRSA? HPV? Scabies? Ringworm? Ebola?

All this and more await you if YOUR screener has failed to change gloves with a new set (fresh out of box) between the time s/he last fondled someone and beginning to fondle you. The really disturbing pictures you'll have to google yourselves - but every one of these and more are available with a bunch of glorified rent-a-cops with minimal bio-hazard training.

I've only included the tamer images here - for a really horrifying moment or three, try googling for images of genital warts or Ebola survival rates.

Obviously, some of these options are less probable than others - but are included to illustrate the importance of avoiding cross-contamination when processing large numbers of individuals of highly varied hygiene, infectious state, and immune system vulnerability. TSA grunts need to change their gloves *every time* and if you should be forced to fly, insist that the TSA grunt about to search you don a new set of gloves fresh out of box (not out of pocket).

Think about it, and the TSA - the gift that keeps on giving....

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