Sunday, November 7, 2010


Doing a bit of housekeeping over the next few days, but one of the first to go is Crusader Rabbit, for much the same reasons as I don't link to Michelle Malkin.

Ms. Malkin is, about 80-90% of the time insightful, passionate, and consistently a good and thought-provoking writer - and then she gets within a thousand yards of an LGBT issue and goes all hind-brain on us, demonstrating a startling amount of fear/anger/bigotry and just plain ignorance of LGBT folks that is startling in anyone that's survived as a journalist in Seattle or gone on to the national media.

The author of Crusader Rabbit, politically incorrect at the best of times (which, as my friends know, isn't something that rattles my cage with any regularity) has at long last managed to cross the boundaries of what I am willing to wade through to get at what I consider the "good stuff" with his rants on "homosexual activists" and routine implications of some byzantine agenda for the destruction of civilization by said activists. His vitriolic opposition to same sex marriage and vilification of its supporters doesn't particularly score points with me, and thus...he's no longer on the blogroll.

There are other talented writers on the web that don't leave me with the feeling of having to wade neck deep through a sewage pond in order to get access to the occasional insight or interestingly different perspective.

If y'all enjoy the pond, have at it...but I'm certainly not going to provide anyone the instructions to the diving board.


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Mike W. said...

I really wish folks like Malkin would stop the "OMG TEH GAYS!" crap.

Its disheartening to see people who clearly have the capacity for rational thought go completely off their rocker one one issue.