Friday, November 5, 2010

On Barney Frank...

Oh, my bad. Re Barney Frank?

I don’t use the word fag myself, because of negative associations from the past…and don’t much care for others using it.

But in Franks case, I *especially* don’t use it because I’m ashamed he’s a member of the LGBT Community and because there are so many, many ways to describe him in vitriolic detail with ever so much more precision. Without being forced to mention his membership in the community.


Scott McCray said...

GC - I completely understand - douchebaggery knows no boundaries!
But this is one case where no community wants to claim him!

w/v = imess "He's the biggest imess I've ever seen..."

On a Wing and a Whim said...

For him, as has been said over many people, many times, "Can you please go not be on my team? Really, why do you have to be on my side?"

Seriously, Barney Franks is to the LBGT community what PhredPhelps is to the First Ammendment defenders.