Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early Hours...

It appears that the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party has taken a historic loss this evening, with most victories beyond the margin of litigation. Washington and Alaska, among others, remain up for debate in their senatorial races.

Celebration is a bit premature.

We face the very real possibility of a lame duck session of Congress laden with angry bitter Democrats with a "nothing left to lose" viewpoint in an unusually vindictive mood - and a President more than willing to abet them in any little bits of mischief they can invent.

Persuading currently sitting GOP critters and other principled sorts to stave off *all* major policy initiatives until January isn't going to be easy - but its' a worthwhile goal.

At the same time, we have a bunch of newbs coming into elective office - that mostly need to be reminded that they didn't get elected because they were beloved of the masses, but rather that they were elected either with the narrow mandate of "balance the books, get outta folks faces" or "you aren't your opponent"...and that failure to perform will almost certainly ensure they are but one-term wonders. Write, call, and fax the message.

The GOP owns the U.S. House, is stronger in the U.S. Senate, and has picked up (or strengthened their positions in) many state legislatures and more than a few statehouses. They need a solid reminder that they are on probation, and that the GOP could be replaced by the Tea Party without a huge stretch.



cybrus said...

"Celebration is a bit premature."

Agreed - great point and one that I hope isn't lost. Great post - had to link it!

Old NFO said...

Good point... I'm scared of the lame ducks and their revenge...