Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sen. Lautenberg & Brady rise again..."Gun Show Loophole"

Sometimes, you just can't outdo the anti's when it comes to writing up reasons why we need to support the Second Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association, and the many others dedicated to protecting the fundamental right of self-defense and the corollary right to access effective means to engage in self-defense. A friend got this and forwarded it to a list I'm on - please forgive the edits.

From: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Sent: Wed 1/30/2008 1:30 PM
To: Subject: Tell Your Senators: Close the Gun Show Loophole

No background check, no gun, no excuses.

(establishing a national gun registry - ed.)

Dear <>,

We started this year with a huge victory -- thanks to you and our
many allies -- with a new law that will strengthen the Brady
criminal background check system!Now we need to keep up the momentum and take the next logical step: make sure that everyone who wants to buy a gun gets a background check.

Earlier today, Senator Lautenberg (NJ) introduced legislation that
will keep criminals and other dangerous people from buying and
selling guns without Brady criminal background checks at gun shows.

Gun shows should not be a haven for convicted felons, domestic
violence abusers, or someone who is dangerously mentally ill who
wants to evade a background check. Letting criminals and other
prohibited purchasers get away with buying guns at gun shows is at
odds with common sense, and recklessly puts lives at risk. We
believe the law should be "no background check, no gun, no excuses."

(translating to :"end private sales now" - ed.)

Urge Them to Support oppose Senator Lautenberg's
Bill to Close the Gun Show Loophole


Whether they are called gun shows, flea markets, or
swap meets, there are thousands of events every year
in our local communities where unlicensed (private - ed.)
individuals can sell firearms without doing background
checks. (Federally-licensed firearm dealers at the same
event are required to conduct Brady criminal
background checks.)

People prohibited from buying or possessing guns seek
out these unlicensed sellers (private gun owners - ed.),
because they know that they can simply put down
their money and walk away with deadly weapons.

Law-abiding gun buyers and sellers have nothing to
fear from background checks (aside from that handy
list the next time
a hurricane or earthquake rolls
through - ed.)
. Only criminals and corrupt sellers do.
Allowing dangerous people to buy guns at gun shows
from unlicensed sellers (private individuals
engaged in private transactions - ed.) without a
backgroundcheck threatens the safety of our families
and communities
(How? - ed.).

Here's What You Can Do Today:

Urge them to support oppose Senator Lautenberg's bill to
close the gun show loophole. Tell them you want the law to
be "no background check, no gun, no excuses."

Click here to send an email to both of your Senators:
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Our Senators need to hear from as many of us as possible.
Please click here to use our tool to forward this email to
friends and family: (snipped potential spam tool - ed.)

Visit our website to download talking points and issue
briefs on this important subject:
(snipped web link - ed.)

America is turning a corner on the gun issue, and I want you to be
a part of what could be an historic moment for our country. I ask
you to join us in helping make 2008 a safer year for all Americans.


Sarah Brady, Chair
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

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