Sunday, January 13, 2008

Onwards & Upwards

Well, onwards and upwards. Given that recently I've been chatting with friends unemployed for a variety of reasons, I'm going to take my own advice - setting a firm goal for a minimum number of applications generated EVERY DAY, networking, and not being picky about immediate job - if I can physically do the job, and I earn more than the job costs, I need to take it while I look for the "right job".

Staving off the inevitable Bummed Outedness with work (helping mom get her place fixed up, selling belongings to convert to a reasonably liquid nest egg, etc ), and contemplating getting seriously mobile to find employment.

The one set of things I'm *not* doing is sitting about pouting, declaiming about how either life is unfair or that I'm a bad person somehow. For some odd reason, those approaches don't seem terribly productive.

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