Thursday, January 17, 2008

Perhaps the lion awakes...

The British Lion, perhaps, tosses in its' sleep and begins the dreary trudge towards wakefulness in the latest of a long line of tragedies involving citizens subjects who, in the course of defending themselves or loved ones or even property have suffered grievously at the hands of either their own government or their assailants (or both).

Recently, the Times of London took notice and one of their editorial talents sallied forth after 47 year old Gary Newlove was kicked to death outside his home as his children gazed on, horrified, for the horrific crime of having the temerity to object to a gang of youths vandalizing his families home.

Sadly, columnist Martin Samuel doesn't quite get it.

"Because it is absolutely impossible for a rational, civilised human being to confront the perpetrators of such a crime, as there is nothing in the mind of the average individual that allows him to challenge such wickedness and violent relish on equal terms. That is why we need law enforcers, with experience and back-up and a mandate to deal with any incident in the manner they see fit. When Mr. Newlove was lying on the floor having his brain toed into grisly submission, his horrified family was not looking for society to come around the corner and save him; they were looking for coppers."

He obviously hasn't made it all the way to awakening quite yet, but there is at least hope for him as indicated later in his article.

"Considering that the little gang of human effluence that gathered nightly outside Mr Newlove's house was prepared to commit murder if challenged, then to match the intensity of that blood lust, the 47-year-old sales manager would have had to leave his house armed with a semi-automatic weapon."

So, Mr. Martin - what say we again allow the subjects - the descendants of Wellington, Churchill, exemplars of heroism the world over - of the British Crown the ability to again defend themselves, their homes, and their loved ones.

And more, to fightback with the backing of their nations leaders against the miscreants and predators that inevitably feed in the muck at the bottom of any society, striking upwards at any target of ease and opportunity for either amusement or profit - like any viper.

The path, Mr. Martin, only begins at removing the shackles from the wrists of the police - it continues with the realization that the common man and woman can summon the emotional wherewithal to effectively resist evil, particularly when given the tools to do so effectively.

The difference between civilization and barbarism is not measured in terms of pacifism - rather, the civilized man or woman is sufficiently moral and committed to their society and their values that they will employ the level of defensive force necessary to stop dead a physical attack on their loved ones, their persons, their property, and their society.

The barbarian will initiate aggressive force simply to amuse or profit, with no higher purpose.

By and large, the British peoples are civilized. Trust them with the tools and the responsibility, Mr. Martin, and they will surprise you.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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Tam said...

"to match the intensity of that blood lust, the 47-year-old sales manager would have had to leave his house armed with a semi-automatic weapon."

Yeah, and...?

Jeez, I wanted to shout through the tubes "You're getting warmer! Warmer! You're getting warmer! You're so hot you're on fire! If it was a snake it'd bite you, you're so close!"