Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bastardry Rampant...

Fame, fortune, and fantastic romance have thus far eluded me, but I've been blessed over the years with some truly wonderful friends from many walks of life. One friend, courtesy of a sibling, narrowly escaped the Middle East in his youth.

Another is a wonderful Dad suffering through another six years of building a decent relationship with his son on the "every other weekend" plan before he's free of the blood-sucking vindictive wench that once mesmerized him, while trying to build a new life and avoid bankruptcy courtesy of the ex and her vindictive well-monied relations.

Yet another friend slipped out of Canada to put distance between herself and a violently abusive ex-husband.

Some good folks over at Anarchangel are having some bad times and could use some help. They could lose their kids, and it doesn't sound like the kids'd be going to a good place.

I've been reading Chris and Mel's writings for about a year now, and though I've not had the pleasure of meeting them, they seem like good folks. I know darned well I'm not the most well-read blogger in the universe, but meander over, read what they have to say, and if you're inspired...chip in a bit.

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