Friday, January 11, 2008


Since June I've been working at a job I honestly didn't feel I was very good at (which made it much easier to accept what I felt was justifiably minimal compensation), and it was a small good company with good people - but while things were going on with my Dad and such, I wasn't eager to bail out of a known situation for all the excitement and drama of a new one. So I stayed and tried to give it my best shot - regardless of whether I was enjoying myself.

Well, that came to an end today as the company and I parted ways - the owner of the company initiated it, and it was all very civilized, as we actually like each other. Packed my things and bugged out.

So, proto-geek that I am, I'm back in the job market and may be flitting back to California in pursuit of employment. Of course, this means leaving Mom in Seattle, not long after Dad has passed...on the other hand, I would likely be making twice what I made in Seattle so could be of more use, though in a different sense.

I'm conflicted.

In other fronts, it looks like I may have finally sold my place in California (having gotten rid of the evil tenant) and I'm swiftly unloading a car, as well. Things could be worse.

Seems to be a season of discontent all around.

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