Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ebay Motors

E-bay, in its' substantially less than infinite wisdom, has mutilated E-bay Motors. It is a guilty pleasure of mine when insomnia strikes or life is more unamusing than usual, to go cruise the E-bay Motors section and look at the more "interesting" vehicles under "buses", "other", and military vehicles.  Usually by the time I'm looking at their aviation section, I can meander off and drift into a solid nights slumber.

Granted, E-bay has committed many other sins. They still make a good sleeping pill substitute, or did.

No more. E-bay has launched a bone-headed new interface. Find my comments to E-bay below.

The new ebay motors interface is, at best, an alpha grade
steaming pile
of crap foisted upon unwitting buyers wherein
a functional interface, in
the name of cutesy and techno-
-philia, has been effectively destroyed with
users unable
to navigate from page to page, find vehicle locations

easily, or even reliably fall back to the old interface
while issues
with the new are resolved.

A serious shake-up of IT management and Business Direction
desperately needs to occur, as this is the sort of
outward facing
debacle that shakes customer and market
confidence in a firm.

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