Saturday, May 3, 2008

Olympics: Three Strikes

Borrowed from Smallest Minority

1) Oppressive Dictatorship w/ a thing for visitor surveillance.
2) Barbaric repression of Tibet.
3) Outbreak of Enterovirus-71; as of Thursday the Chinese government ADMITS to 3,321 cases, with 22 deaths, 978 people hospitalized, with 58 in serious or critical condition. (If SARS is any indicator of China's PR policy, 10 is a minimal multiplier, if I read it right).

(I'm not sure it's still fair to count Tienanmen....but I do)

Ummm. Time to look for a new site for the Olympics yet?

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Evil Lunch Lady said...

I love that picture, well not "love" it, but I am sending it to my kid if that's ok??

I still can't get over the fact that China is the olympic pick for location! Wonders never cease!