Sunday, May 11, 2008

GOP: What I don't like about you...

GOP Gentlebeings:

Where is your vision? Your inspiration? Did it pass with the Gipper, going on to the great beyond?

We still believe in small government, with as much responsibility and authority as possible dispersed to the states and the people - what happened to you?

We still believe in privacy - not necessarily that strange critter allegedly found in a mysterious penumbra (though many of us believe we increasingly need a constitutional amendment setting further limits on government intrusion into our lives), but rather requiring warrants (rather than nationally security letters) before searches and seizures, and similar little details.

While we're on the topic, what about protecting our privacy? To our view, an employer buys 8 or so hours a day from us - the other 16 are none of their business, barring felonious badness - we could use a little support on that notion...

Freedom of speech and of the press are important to us - wtf is this Patriot Act crap? Speaking of, we elected you with a mandate to roll back a lot of the anti-gun silliness foisted on us by the hoplophobic democrats - umm...guys? gals? Why are we having to slog through the courts to get it done with damn little support from y'all?

We support our troops, and we support not crapping them around. Enough with manipulating a war for political gain - let the Pentagon do its' job, and our troops do their job, and if you must - close your eyes and hold your collective noses while our troops stomp the thugs and bigots of the various warring factions in Iraq flat. Our boys and girls do good work when you take the blinders and handcuffs off, really. And then be ready for an occupation on the epic scale of post-WWII Germany and batten down the hatches since Iran seems a good bet to volunteer for "next" on the hit parade.

Quit crapping around. Get the job done. Or we'll be stuck doing half-assed pseudo-vietnams screwed up by political considerations till hell freezes over.

Speaking of foreign affairs, why aren't relief workers and supplies dropping from the skies over Burma? Methinks, with 63,000+ dead and plague conditions festering, that the Burmese junta has forfeited all right to have folks play nice with them.

If looked at in cynical political terms airdrops of relief supplies, relief workers, and troops to protect the above ...could well let the GOP seize the high ground for once.

There's more, but that's as much of a rant as I have available at this point...

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