Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Gay Bar I want to visit...

Ages ago, down in Tacoma, was the 733 - it was run down, beat up, and in a rough neighborhood - but it was a two story affair near Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB which always ensured a house full of single and interested young men seeking "comfort" and beverages.

Even beat up, it was a nice its' heyday (before my time) I'm thinking it was likely pretty darned nice. First floor was the main bar, a piano lounge sort of thing, with a nice restaurant attached (roast duck was incredible...) - and unusually enough, you could actually hear folks at your table speaking without their being drowned out by dance music. The second floor had coat check, a second bar station, and a great thumping big dance floor.

If you were single, you'd go out and have a beverage or two, check your coat, go upstairs...and see what kind of trouble you could get into. Then you and proposed trouble could meander back to the main bar, confirm plans, and meander off to other locations for whatever mysterious reason might strike you.

I haven't seen a bar like that in years, certainly not in the NW. But with all this progress we're supposed to have made, I want one back...and not a shabby run-down reminder of yesteryear either! I want the food, the dance, the conversational area....and decent decor. Surely stereotypes must be good for SOMETHING....

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