Saturday, May 3, 2008

How Someone Stumbled into A Blog

For long time readers and sundry others, a wee tale - or how did this blog happen.

I like writing. For a time I edited a magazine in Southern California. I like guns. I once helped found a gay gun group. I have a low evil sense of humor and a well-developed sense of schadenfreude. For my sins, I've helped organize a couple of Pride Parades. I'm originally and again from Seattle. I was invited some years ago by a since-passed gay libertarian and firearms enthusiast onto the Houston Activist Network email list, and from time to time made comments disrupting the leftist PC assumptions (le sigh).

I was googling about and stumbled onto either TFL or THR, and thence eventually to the tales of LawDog - and then to his blog. After giggling and snarfling my way through from beginning to end, I started reading the linked some cases enjoying, in others being returned to helpless giggling and snarfling into my keyboard.

Lightning struck, the aforementioned elements combined, and I wanted myself a blog of my very own...woohoo!


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Same here, found a med. blog and jumped from there. My kids told me to start a blog, I've been on the internet for years and never thought to do this. Now I'm very happy I did:).....oh and I love yours also:)

Sevesteen said...

My life story is considerably different, but my entry into blogging is nearly identical. Lawdog, Tam, Ambulance Driver, etc, etc. I would guess 80% of the blogs I read are indirectly via Lawdog.

(If you haven't read Lawdog and like to laugh, read his archive--His stories are fantastic.)