Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little friendly recruiting

Seems the City of Seattle made a bit of a fuss when it put up a large billboard in New York City to recruit police officers from there in a lateral recruiting campaign. With starting salaries in Seattle easily twice that of NYPD with significantly lower cost of living, it's not an unattractive tradeoff.

It's my take that, while I'm sure there are many fine folks in NYC and in the NYPD, that New York isn't precisely a fermenting hotbed of libertarian thought or support of the Second Amendment.

Best intentions aside, I'm not sure that they are precisely what (as a private citizen) I'm really thrilled to have adding to the law enforcement culture of the Pacific Northwest. I kind of like the notion of agencies where at least line officers don't have knee-jerk anti-gun reactions programmed in from birth. That's just me, of course.

Thus my little effort, costing me but a few moments and type strokes, to "help" SPD's recruiting and that of other area departments. The Seattle Times graciously provides sample salaries of departments in the region. And last I heard, that $5,000.00 relocation stipend is still available from SPD.

I'm thinking the region could benefit from a good solid dose of Southern sensibility to balance out the loony left from California and the NorthEast. Any takers?

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