Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Gun Shop I want to visit...

Another blog kicked this string up in my mind, and it seems that until I burble it forth, I shall be accursed to have it rattle about - what would a gun shop I enjoyed look like?

The first gun shop I ever went to, a place where the shit was shot and there was a saddlery upstairs, looms large in this image - I want the counters full of intriguing hand cannons selected both from the ages and from modern production and the long-gun racks full of new, old, surplus, and custom medium and long-range goodness, but I want more.

I'm looking for a place where not only is the counter staff friendly and helpful to most everyone that comes through the door (critters are an exception), but the gunsmiths know their stuff, and both can get around in teaching newbies and oldsters a few tricks when it comes to safe gun-handling, re-loading, archery, concealment (and holster selection), and suggestions of attire that might actually *work* with a newbies body type when starting out on the whole concealed carry thing.

As I'm envisioning this, down at the far end a couple of leather couches and easy chairs circle a potbelly stove or fireplace, and an array of chess and checker sets - next to a espresso bar, serving a good drip coffee for those of us as have sworn off the hard stuff (no more quad mocha's, thanks) and some nibblements of varying sorts (and hot soups during the winter) - both in the service of driving another stream of revenue, and promoting fellowship that generates a less direct stream of revenue but pays for itself in goodwill.

While I'm dreaming, I'm thinking that (like another shop that comes to mind) a 30' rental counter and a 12-lane range would finish out the place nicely.

Show up, bullshit a bit over the new stock, buy some ammo or something, spend some quality range time, then clean up, and socialize with other gun-folks over a bowl of chili and an appropriate beverage...

Hrm. And in Seattle...which has, as far as I know, one dedicated gunshop in city limits that'd require the warping of space and time to shoehorn in all the above happy gun goodness.

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