Monday, February 11, 2008

The wee beastie

I think I've mentioned the wee beastie that arrived at the house back in November. One of the few decisions I'm pretty clear is a good one over the last little bit.

At 26lbs on arrival, he's on a bit of diet...but as he is also the past master of looking hungry and pitiful, diet enforcement isn't especially easy...especially as the previous owner (he's a shelter cat) trained him to use his forepaws for all sorts of unusual things.

He doesn't headbutt your leg, ever. You get a couple of gentle taps with the forepaw, a yowl, and then a less gentle tap with the claws extended. I suspect this is his version of people-training. The same technique goes for doors and cupboards...the forepaw is the key to many things the average cat of my acquaintance wasn't quite bright enough to pull off.

Still, on a bad day when all seems bleak, he can be counted on to hop up, snuggle up, and produce a basso profundo purr as you pet him, and make very clear that he's your friend.

Thanks to the unnamed blogger who inspired this. :)

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