Friday, February 1, 2008

Mistreating Marines and other egregious idiocy

A couple of brief news items on incidents with the U.S. Marines...

First off, the City of Oakland and (perhaps) the kids at the TSA seem to have difficulty understanding the nature of "hospitality" and similar difficulties with "respect", and "honor".

Oddly the Transportation Department found nothing wrong with denying 200 marines access to the passenger terminal, food, water, or restrooms during a layover on the trip back from Iraq. The story is still developing, but it seems some concerns were expressed about trusting Marines to store their weapons properly and/or that they would conduct themselves appropriately if they did meander in with full or partial battle gear.

Frankly, I tend towards the view that dropping 200 fully equipped Marines into any given situation tends to vastly increase the security of that situation - but hey, that's just me.

Next on our hit parade Publish Post, the City of Berkeley has seen fit to tell a USMC Recruiting Station that it is unwelcome, and that as a city they desire it depart forthwith. Cute. While it's unlikely to happen in the current Congress, Senator Jim DeMint (R.-SC) offers an appropriate response, suggesting that perhaps Berkeley no longer needs federal funding.

Finally, in an egregious sample of ninny-hammerhood, when the Navy ordered disposal of a coyote dining on pets in Navy housing, the City of Seattle went nuts. The Navy, regrettably, subsequently negotiated with the city and will attempt to retrain personnel in Navy Housing to refrain from letting pets out of doors or otherwise encouraging bad coyote behavior.

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Diamond Mair said...

I've done some posting about the Berkeley circus - MoveAmericaForward has an online petition to the city council, protesting the caving to idjits .................... the situation at the airport, I'll wager, will be taken in hand by local veterans, who will take care of departing/returning military ............................. as far as the coyote - WHY can they not tranquilize it and transport it to a more rural area? I LOATHE leg hold traps - but the nutcase who claims it's "urban wildlife" needs to get a grip - as pointed out, not only are domesticated animals at risk, but small children, too - the coyote obviously has no fear of humans - if there is not other way, yes, shoot it - but MY choice would be a good dose of Valium & move it to a LARGE national park .....................
Semper Fi'