Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney's Out

I was never a Romney fan, but we now realistically have only a choice of Huckabee (shudder), McCain (rather, ummm, unpredictably flexible), and Paul (requiring a minor miracle to get the nomination. And of those choices, only McCain is believable.

Huckabee is sufficiently dreadful that I'd vote for a democrat before I'd support a theocrat. Fortunately, he really doesn't even have the delegates to force his way on the ticket as VP, and with Romney dropping out, Huckabee's delegates aren't really needed in any case.

Paul, while charming in many ways, would require a minor miracle to bargain his way on the ticket as VP.

At this point, our best hope is to write our various GOP folk and urge Thompson for VP.

All we have left is damage control - and while McCain is bad (he's certainly been no friend to the LGBT community, and not particularly a steadfast friend to the firearms community), he's not *as bad* as those preachers of the theology of victimization and class warfare on the left.

I'm not sure holding our noses will be enough.

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