Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Courage, the best prescription...

As Matt over at Better and Better points out, the best prophylactic for mass killers is the willingness to stand up and take responsibility, accepting that there may be some personal cost, that even the ultimate price may be paid, in the quest to protect others.

One example he offers (and more that I've added) that I want to help publicize as modern day heroes are Jacob Ryker, Louise Zoller, Jeanne Assam, Kris Key, James Middleton,Ken Bruce, Gary Seale, and others who have made the decision to go out raging against the night, if necessary, rather than cringing on their knees.

And then, most recently, James Pickett performing a public service.

Just perhaps we need to emphasize duty and honor more, and self-preservation at all costs a wee bit less in what, as a nation, we teach our children and ourselves.

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steph said...

Couldn't agree more. And, perhaps, we should also ressurect the old adage that evil propagates when good men do nothing. Great post with some great links!