Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pulling the Flush Handle

Sometimes an agency develops an internal culture with all the redeeming benefits of a recurring malignant cancer, and rather than serving the public becomes an instrument of caprice and torment. When this occurs, costly as it may be, it is time to pull the flush handle.

Every agency, however, has its' constituency - even if only the employees of that agency, who are often the strongest advocates for its' continued existence. Thus, some means of inducing such motivated individuals to either hold their tongue or actively favor the elimination of their employer must be found. I offer a humble solution - early retirement, regardless of time in service, providing a strong financial motive for both veterans and newbies to jump ship and not seek other federal positions (possibly bringing the infectious stench of their prior "agency culture" with them).

I nominate the BATFE for initial testing of this approach as an agency that has long demonstrated their contempt for the law and for the rights of private citizens, acting as a rather specialized political police rather than as an enforcement agency in a republic composed of free citizens with actual civil rights.

From Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to Red's Trading Post, to the most recent events at Cavalry Arms in Gilbert, AZ - they have proven consistently unworthy of the public trust. While not consistently the direct instrument of tragedy, they have been the instigating force much too often. Let them be gone, paid off with retirement in full.

That is all.

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