Sunday, June 17, 2007

Head Check

Thing's've changed - again.

This time last year I was in my second week of baby-sitting a rather nice estate in the deserts of sunny Southern California, out in dusty flats. I was about a month out of the hospital after the big adventure, and wasn't doing much of anything at high speed - but was expected to keep and eye on things and repel boarders as necessary. Fortunately the biggest border were occasional specimens of rattus norwegicus....they kept to their side of affairs, I kept to mine.

Since then I moved from Dusty Flats to the Big Damp Spot in the NW in December, re-united with friends, ended one friendship, and did a fair bit of job-hunting. Got back involved in the community by way of an over-developed sense of responsibility, and have since slipped that leash and found a job working with Itsy Widget as a proto-geek and am in my 2nd week.

Missed the annual Dykes vs. the Drag Queens softball game (complete with bribeable umpire) fundraiser, am brushing up long disused linux skills, and am contemplating changing my living situation. Local Pride events coming up this next weekend, and am debating whether to attend or vent my annoyance by heading to Vancouver in August for their big fling....

Things are looking up, and I'm kind of hoping I can do stability (as opposed to chaos) for a bit...Itsy Widget seems like a good firm, and I like the folks there - and the opportunity to learn a whole bunch of neato geekery.

Thus concludes the flow-of-consciousness du jour.

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