Monday, June 4, 2007

Five Blogs that make me Think

Having been awarded the "Thinking Blogger Award" by Ambulance Driver, it seems I need to pass along the honor, and recall where all this began, and at the same time, name 5 bloggers that make me think. No particular order here...

Outright Libertarians, the gay libertarian group, run a blog that when I achieve toxic levels of bile regarding the amount of liberal/leftist twaddle afflicting my community and the reasons therefore, I am relieved to go here and recognize that "not everyone thinks THAT WAY." Mental aspirin with a soup con of inspiration.

TheLawDogFiles - while occasionally wince-inducing, probably one of the best-written blogs on the web. A well-traveled veteran peace officer with a love of the language, a gift for story-telling, and more than a few brain cells rubbing together shares experience, philosophy, practical safety and defense knowledge, and a bit of wisdom as the prose flows.

Better & Better is another blog I follow...common sense, humor, and practical advice appeal to me - what can I say? On the other hand, if I had to read a blog on fashion, I think I'd go slowly mad.

Living Single in the Bible Belt is new to me, but informative of a different take on life. And she likes Fred Thompson!

Anarchangel with Chris & Mel provides regular food for thought ranging from politics, to firearms, and thence onward to life.

All of the above seem like good folk to invite over for lasagne and preferred beverages.....and good reads, as well.


Sevesteen said...

I've just started reading you via AD, who I read daily. Now you mention a list of 5 blogs, 4 of which I read every day. Even though Outright Libertarians only half applies to me, I'm going to have to give it a shot.

Matt G said...

"On the other hand, if I had to read a blog on fashion, I think I'd go slowly mad."

Huh? What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Taking shots at my ensembles, or my writing style, or my blog format?

Decide carefully, and fill your hand, you...


Matt G said...

Uh, I think I just got it.


If you wish to rescind it, I'd understand. :)