Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Damage Control Brownies

A work in progress - since blood sugar has become an issue, many of the favorite Cynic-Treats have been relegated to the List of Evil Substances - a situation not to be tolerated. The quest for *INNOCENT* snacks has begun...

First off, it comes ready-made from the store, it is most likely evil. If it's "regular-folks" snack treats, odds are that Cynic will get to do the magic skyrocketing blood-sugar trick (not a good thing). If, on the other hand, it is a sweet (particularly chocolate, an especial weakness) designed with diabetics in mind, it likely involves sorbitol or other substances that will lead the Cynic to lock himself in a restroom for an extended period as distinct and vitriolic cursing about unfairness and goddam practical jokers singe the air thereabouts for the duration.

The last experiment was purged with a Thai chicken massuman (sp?) curry after three painfully long days of misery. I don't understand the whys and wherefores, but Thai food is my FRIEND.

Yet, the search for snacks continues...and another generation of experimental damage control brownies has emerged from the kitchen. They aren't the old family recipe anymore, but they are getting edible..I'll share the recipe once perfected, but so far the conspirators have eliminated flour and sugar (substituting 50/50 whole wheat and walnut flour, with Splenda as a sweetener), doubling the cocoa content (required to make its' presence known over the whole wheat), and going with a modified sugar-free (well, except for that already in the nestle's semi-sweet chocolate chips) frosting.

Presently the walnut flavor is a bit strong, and the texture is more cornbread than cake...but it IS clearly chocolate treat...and does NOT do evil blood sugar things. Will tilt it a bit more towards whole wheat flour and add a bit more baking soda for a better rise...and up the liquid content (again!) ...

Must have treats!

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