Wednesday, March 2, 2011

High Points...

Wyoming Senate shoots down, barely, a rather vile anti-gay bill...

More happily, in New York, a state legislator proposes that bicyclists using the roads get to pay the fees, carry insurance, and be licensed to operate on the roads - just like every other user of the roads.

Since dealing with Critical Mass and their spiritual brethren, arrogant do-gooding elitist bastards so wrapped in their alleged "rightness" as to be devoid of logic, sense, or morals...I've moved more toward a position of "you want equal access - then pony up equal legal and fiscal obligations".

In an interesting move, a bill is before the Tennessee legislature to bar the practice of some forms of Sharia, the body of traditional Islamic law. This faces both some serious Constitutional issues, and goes much farther (at least according to the article) than other attempts to simply bar state courts from considering Sharia in their deliberations. Worth following, and doing your own research and making up your mind on this issue.

In cheerier news from New Hampshire, that fine states legislature is considering making felons of TSA grunts that are unduly frisky or invasive without the courtesy of a search warrant. GO NEW HAMPSHIRE!

In related news, Alan shares the TSA admitting they are, if they'd just all quite and go home.

Another brighter point, the Wyoming Governor today signed into law the statute making Wyoming the fourth state in the Union to recognize constitutional carry - making carry licenses optional.

I've never much liked buying guns made in Massachusetts - one of the most anti-gun states in the nation. I'd rather spend my money where the taxing authorities weren't out to destroy that which I care about. No Lawyers and Snowflakes in Hell reveal a micro-stamping bill before that states collection of idiots and clowns legislature which, if passed, should effectively drive gun manufacturers out of that benighted state in droves. I expect they'd make a welcome addition to the economy of a number of right-to-work states.

Some days, one longs for the ability to apply the Stick Of Wisdom without consequence to oneself.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Thanks for the happy news - that's a great note for the morning!

Proof that there is sanity out there...

Old NFO said...

Good news, and a good variety of news! Thanks!