Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ah, Wisconsin...

Back in November of 2011 (you know, last year?) there was an *election*. In Wisconsin, even. And guess what? The Democrats lost, and lost big with both houses of their legislature going over to the GOP, as well as the Governors Mansion.

Seems Wisconsin is facing a massive shortfall of $5 billion and some.

In recent weeks we've observed how well the current crop of Democrats handle the consequences of losing (lots and lots of things that they don't like getting passed) - they scream, throw a hissy, and try to game the system by denying the WI Senate the quorum needed to handle financial issues (bills that spend money, like, say, the state budget).

In short, they took their ball and hid out in Illinois rather than staying and trying to fight...also known as "doing their job".

They then attempted mob rule by summoning (I can only assume pentacles, candles, and really unfortunate aesthetic events occurred - after all, Michael Moore appeared amonst the horde) and bussing in thousands of "protesters" that proceeded to attempt a takeover of the WI Capitol in an attempt to prevent the legislature from doing business.

After three weeks of this silliness, the GOP Senators broke the stalemate. They met, stripped all fiscal provisions from the bill in question, and voted through (i.e., as they were hired to do - show up, and however distasteful, represent your constituents - or resign, and let someone else) the bill the Dem kiddo's and union shills were having a hissy-fit over.

The demonstrators went simply ape, and graphic death threats (and yet more)began to flow in to GOP Senators like turds from a cattle herd - big, frequent, and floppy. Today we have police and fire unions attempting protection racket tactics.

And, just to be sure we don't miss the "knuckle under or else" message sent by Dem and Union leaders, we have Jesse Jackson having at a good run of "incitement to riot". In other words, "do what we say or we'll burn out your cities".

The Dem's pretty much surrendered any moral high ground in the original argument when they chose a strategy of flight combined with "nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah-nyah". And by busing in protesters to astroturf the media, and now with death threats and protection racket methodology (after their rather questionable strategy, based in assumptions of GOP spinelessness, blew up in their faces) are busy salting the earth upon which any future claims to legitimacy might be sown - even with eager MSM shills.

Having lost at the game called "democracy", they are indulging in thuggery and intimidation, sure in the belief that their President won't let anything bad happen to them.

I expect and hope that they are wrong.


Old NFO said...

And I TRULY hope it comes back and bites them square in the butt...

Andy said...

November 2011 has yet to pass. I think you mean 2010.