Friday, January 7, 2011

Theme Songs for New Years & Old

Now and again, you find a song that just resonates with you. That expresses something you've always wanted to, but better than you have any reasonable expectation of pulling off. And I'm not particularly shy about my affection for show tunes. So deal.

And yes, I know this dates me...and the more perceptive will understand at how many levels. This song speaks to me today as a libertarian conservative... and also speaks to me from memory and a shared history as a gay man, may we never need visit the bad old days again.

This performance, and that by the incomparable Shirley Bassey, are my two favorite versions - and Gloria Gaynor's rendition is also pretty impressive.

But I'm also posting this because, just perhaps, it might speak to others out there in libertarian-land (do please note the small "l") and inspire you to speak out; to participate; and to protest - not just for the next two years, but for however long it takes to roll back the creeping pot-warming socialism that's crept into our society incrementally over the last nine decades.

And while we're at it, we can keep on pushing for that crazy notion of "equality before the law" - regardless of color, gender, orientation, creed, and other stuff pretty much completely irrelevant to legal status.

God (or your deity/believe system of choice) bless y'all almost every one (I have limits, after all) in this New Year of 2011, and may he keep us safe, nourished, employed, sheltered, and no less free than we are today through this year and the ones to follow.


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Old NFO said...

Amen on the wishes for 2011!