Saturday, January 15, 2011

Personal Note

Tuesday came down with crud...which turned out to have a cellulitis* feature. Right leg swelled up, and by Thursday, when I was coherent enough to seek medical aid....pants were distinctly un-fun.

Am getting better, but still a tad cranky. Doctor tells me I can follow directions and probably dodge quality hospital time - stay in bed, right leg elevated, and take magic spiffy drugs for a few days.

Posting and chatting will be unpredictable. But when aren't they?

*Cellulitis: an infection, causable via multiple agents, in the layer of fat between skin and muscle.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, do the drugs and stay OUT OF THE HOSPITAL... Who knows what you're liable to catch if you go in there...

AM said...

I got cellulitis in my hands at Ranger school. I was lucky, the unlucky guys got it in their butt or shins.

I hope you get better quickly.

Mike W. said...

That sounds mighty nasty. Hope you're better soon.