Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double Win!! Tunnel Fail!! Loon Fail!!

Tunnel Fail!!

It may be a bit much too hope for, but recent data from Facebook and a local news source indicate that the Seattle Viaduct Replacement Tunnel (that ball of fail, waste, and stupid) is hitting a serious road bump - the feds object. Something about not wanting a sinkhole or methane build-ups under the downtown Federal Building. With luck, this will stop the idiocy dead in it's tracks and we can resume discussion of the vastly superior Chopp Viaduct Plan.

California HB 962 Stupidity Over-ruled!!

In a dramatic ruling giving gun owners a win in an National Rifle Association / California Rifle and Pistol (CRPA) Foundation lawsuit, this morning Fresno Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton ruled that AB 962, the hotly contested statute that would have banned mail order ammunition sales and required all purchases of so called “handgun ammunition” to be registered, was unconstitutionally vague on its face. The Court enjoined enforcement of the statute, so mail order ammunition sales to California can continue unabated, and ammunition sales need not be registered under the law.

Read the original article (linked), but in short this is a huge win for Californians...courtesy of the CRPA & the NRA.


Old NFO said...

A twofer! :-) GOOD News!

Mo said...

About the only good reason to venture into Seattle is for a Deluxe and Fries at Dick's Drive-in.

When it comes to travel in Seattle, the only thing certain is it will get more difficult and more expensive. I suspect in 20 years the Via-duct will still be there and the debate on what to do with it will still be going on and on and on. Of course the budget deficit will be so high they'll have to sell it to Paul Allen and I can only hope he uses a firm other than the one that built EMP.

The good news is we'll be almost half done paying for the King Dome renovations we did just before blowing it up.

I reckon I'm a cynic too.